Bored in the house? Try these fun things to do!

Due to the social distancing precautions, everyone is spending way more time at home. There’s no need to get bored, because we created a list filled with fun things to do when stuck inside. These are perfect activities for having a good time while in self-isolation.

DIY self-isolation board game

We created our own self-isolation board game and you can do it too! It’s very easy and so much fun to do. In this step-by-guide we explain how you can create a board game yourself.

Check out our video in which we create and play with our own board game.

Trying local snacks

Whenever we travel, we love checking out foreign snacks that we’ve never seen before. Since travel isn’t an option right now, why not check out the snacks section at your local supermarket. You’re probably familiar with the typical snacks of your country, however, it’s always fun to try out snacks. Why not pretend you’re abroad and try out some “local” snacks, sweets and cookies you usually wouldn’t buy!?

Check out our video in which we try typical Dutch snacks.

Building a fort

Who didn’t love building forts when they were little? We absolutely did! Building a fort is a very fun activity to do with the kids, with your partner or even alone. Just grab a bed sheet, some blankets and pillows. Use two chairs to hold the fort up. Make the fort extra cozy by adding some fairy lights. Now you have a perfect spot to enjoy a good book, lay down with your other half or let the kids play around in. Don’t forget to take some photos as a memory of your cozy fort!

Check out our video on how to build a fort.

Taking Instagram photos at home

Being restricted to go outside, doesn’t mean you can’t be creative at home, especially when it comes to taking photos for Instagram! There are countless of possibilities to take fun Instagram photos right inside your house. The key to taking photos in the same (small) area is to be creative. Our top tips for taking Instagram photos at home are to use different kinds of poses, to be creative with the edits and to create different kinds of cute decorated corners in the house. Although our living room is only 6 square meters, we still manage to create so many different kinds of photos in this same, small space.

Check out our video on how to take instagram photos at home.

Learn TikTok dances

During our first week of self-isolation, we got familiar with TikTok. For those who don’t know about this app, it’s a platform for watching short videos and sharing your own. The videos mostly fall within a few categories: dancing, lip syncing, informative and humor. It’s a very fun (and addictive) app and you easily spend a few hours browsing through the videos on TikTok.

Mika’s favorite TikTok category is dancing. The dances on TikTok are very fun to learn and she loves doing that. It’s also a good work out as some of the dances are pretty hard and intense. If you like dancing you have to check out the app and try to learn the dances yourself. t’s so much fun!

Check out our TikTok dance tutorial video.

Do a puzzle

Doing a puzzle is another fun activity to do at home. We always love making puzzles on rainy winter days. Since we’re stuck at home, we don’t need a cold and rainy day as an excuse to spend hours on completing a puzzle. It’s fun to do either alone or with the entire family!

Doing a Puzzle in Self-Isolation

Make freakshakes

You’ve probably seen them before: freakshakes. They’re basically milkshakes topped with lots of sweets and sometimes a donut or a waffle. Besides being delicious, they’re also very pleasing to the eye. Creating your own freakshake is so much fun and it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Just pour a colored drink in a jar. e used chocolate milk and a pink fruit-yoghurt drink. You can also make your own milkshake of course. Lay down a donut on top of the jar. Use candy that you can slice onto a large wooden skewer. We used something that’s similar to marshmallows and something called sour mats. You can use anything you like, of course. Push the skewers through the donut, add a straw and your freakshake is ready!

Making freakshakes in Self-Isolation


Drawing is fun, and it’s something everyone can learn with some practice. Watch some YouTube tutorials (there are plenty) and start drawing. Learning how to create doodles is a great starting point if you have zero experience. After a few tutorials, you can easily create some amazing things yourself. You don’t even need paper and pencils, you can just draw directly on your laptop or computer. It takes some practice, but it’s a lot of fun to do and you’ll have something to be proud of!

Drawing in Self-Isolation

Check out our speed drawing and photo editing video with our drawing tablet.

Read a book

Being in self-isolation is the perfect time to get lost in a book. Just dedicate some time during the weekend to read. It’s a great way to relax and to set your mind of the awful things that are happening in the world right now.

Reading a Book in Self-Isolation

Have breakfast in bed

Why not treat yourself to breakfast in bed while in self-quarantine? Get your favorite rolls, croissants and juice and enjoy the perfect morning. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living alone, with someone else or with an entire family. Having breakfast in bed is a great moment of quality time either with yourself or with your loved ones. You can even make this a regular thing!

Breakfast in Bed during Self-Isolation

What is your favorite thing to do at home during self-isolation? Let us know in the comments below!

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