Spring is one of our favorite times of the year to travel. Lots of our public holidays are in spring and we always use those for extended weekend trips abroad. Since that’s not really possible now, we’re enjoying spring at home. We have to admit, it isn’t so bad either.

Since the lockdown began, the weather has been amazing. Over the past weeks, it has rained twice, almost all days were sunny and temperature was above 17 degrees Celsius most of the time. Because of the circumstances, we’ve been enjoying the outdoor moments much more than we used to. We hardly ever went outside for a walk around the neighborhood and now we do it multiple times a week.

Spring represents rebirth and it’s been beautiful to see our surroundings change this spring. Flowers are popping up everywhere and the trees are turning green. We actually spotted so many new cherry blossom trees in our neighborhood that we’d never seen before.

Cherry Blossoms in Spring, the Netherlands

So, how can you enjoy spring to the fullest while at home in lockdown?

Go outside

If you are allowed to go outside, do so. Even if you’re restricted to a certain area, just go out. Getting some fresh air works wonders for your (mental) health. Head into a nearby park to see the trees turn green, spot some flowers and maybe even newborn animals! We try to go outside for small walks whenever the weather is good, which it has been pretty often lately.

Deers in Spring, the Netherlands
Goose in Spring, the Netherlands

Open the windows

Get that fresh spring air inside your house too! Opening the windows, even if it’s just for a few minutes, and letting in some fresh air is amazing. Your concentration will improve and your house will smell fresh and clean. Maybe you’ll even hear some birds chirp!

Blue Sky

Grow something

Spring is the perfect time to grow new plants and flowers. Whether you have a garden, balcony or neither, there are lots of possibilities to plant something. It’s also the perfect time to take care of the plants you already have. Now we’re at home 24/7, our cactuses finally get the care they need. Instead of watering them once a year it’s now once every 1-2 months, haha.

Daisies in Spring, the Netherlands

Buy flowers

Buying flowers is a great idea, now that we are home to actually enjoy them. Of course, you don’t need to buy a fresh bouquet every week (only if you want to!) but it’s a great way to bring spring home every now and then. In case your local florist isn’t open, there are plenty of opportunities to get fresh flowers. Almost every supermarket sells fresh flowers and those will probably remain open the entire time during lockdown. It’s also possible to get fresh flowers delivered at home. There are lots of online businesses that offer fresh flower delivery, and some even offer subscriptions. That way you can get fresh flowers every week. Buying a dried bouquet is also a great alternative. Dried bouquets look very pretty and last way longer, win-win!

Cherry Blossoms in Spring, the Netherlands

Look at spring photos

We love looking back at our spring photos from past years. Looking back at photos is always fun as it brings up so many memories. If those photos are filled with flowers, it makes us even happier. Creating a photo book filled with spring photos is also a fun idea and a lovely way to spend your extra free time in quarantine.

Check out Our Favorite Places to See Blossoms and Blooms in Europe for all our favorite spring photos.

Flowers in Strasbourg, France

Enjoy the long days

For many of us, spring also means that the days are getting longer. At the end of summer, we’re already longing back to those long spring days and it’s one of the things we look forward to all year. We just love it when it’s still light outside after 9pm. This also means that you can easily do a sunset walk after dinner without having to rush home before the sun sets. So if you’re allowed to, go for an evening walk. These days we don’t have any other evening plans anyways, instead of watching Netflix. And Netflix can wait until we’re back from our walk. :)

Sunset in Dordrecht, the Netherlands

Get creative

Spring gets our creative juices flowing and we love bringing the spring theme into our photos. Instead of shooting photos outside with flowers, we love to add flowers to our photos in different kind of ways. You can use Photoshop , but you can also use apps on your phone. We created this photo in an app called Picsart. Another app we love to use for adding fun things into our photos is Canva.

Spring with Picsart

Besides taking photos, you can also get creative with other things, like drawing. Mika loves to draw with the spring theme in mind.

Spring drawing

We hope you can enjoy spring to the fullest, despite the lockdown. What are some things you love about spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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