We love taking photos for our Instagram during our travels and finding unique, Instagram worthy spots. Bordeaux is a very photogenic city, with beautiful sand-toned old buildings dating from the 18th century. In this blog post, we’re sharing with you the most Instagrammable places we’ve found during our stay in Bordeaux, including links to their exact locations.

Carrousel de Bordeaux

Carrousels are always very Instagrammable and the Carrousel of Bordeaux is no exception. We’re not entirely sure whether they take down the Carrousel for some time of the year, but in the summer months, it’s always there.

Carrousel de Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France

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Chartrons District

The Chartrons district is an Instagram worthy neighborhood in Bordeaux, filled with cute boutiques, bakeries and antique shops. Walk around the streets of Chartrons and you’ll find many cute spots. It’s also a lovely area for shopping.

Antique shop in the Chartrons District in Bordeaux, France

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Girondins Monument

You can find the Girondins Monument at the Place de Quinconces, which is one of the largest city squares in Europe. The Monument remembers the Girondins that were killed during the French Revolution. The Monument also features a fountain. Walk around the Girondins Monument to find a good angle and take your Insta photo.

Girondins Monument in Bordeaux, France

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Ferris Wheel

You have to be a bit lucky to snap the Ferris Wheel in Bordeaux. We believe that the Ferris Wheel is up during the fun fair and big events, such as the Wine Festival and the Christmas Market. Make sure to check out the Place des Quinconces during your stay to see whether there is a Ferris Wheel. You can either take a photo on the ground with the Ferris Wheel in the background or going up in the Ferris Wheel for a beautiful city view.

Ferris Wheel in Bordeaux, France

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Place de la Bourse

You can’t miss Place de la Bourse during your visit in Bordeaux. The square is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the buildings are so beautiful. There are many opportunities for getting that Instagrammable shot. Walk around the square and find your perfect angle.

Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux, France

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Miroir d’Eau

According to us, the Miroir d’Eau (or water mirror in English) is the most Instagrammable place in Bordeaux. The water installation creates either a beautiful reflection or dreamy fog, both are very beautiful to snap. During the weekends, Miroir d’Eau is a popular spot for locals and lots of children play in the water, which can make it hard to take photos. If you can go on a weekday during sunset, you’ll be almost alone.

Reflection at Miroir d'Eau during sunset in Bordeaux, France

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Buildings along the Garonne River

The buildings along the Garonne are beautiful and worth snapping an Instagram photo of. For a beautiful overview of the 18th century old buildings, take a photo in front of the Place de la Bourse, next to the Musée National des Douanes.

Buildings along the Garonne in Bordeaux, France

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Rue du Quai Bourgeois

The alleys and streets between these 18th century old buildings along the Garonne are very Instagrammable too. Rue du Quai Bourgeois is a good starting point, but wander around the streets for a bit to find more unique perspectives and beautiful backdrops.

Rue du Quai Bourgeois in Bordeaux, France

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Rue du Chai des Farines

Next to the Rue du Quai Bourgeois, you’ll find Rue du Chai des Farine. Looking towards the south, this street looks onto a cathedral which offers a beautiful backdrop. The gobbled stones and old buildings make it a very pretty and dreamy street.

Rue du Chai des Farines in Bordeaux, France

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Porte Cailhau

Porte Cailhau is an old city gate and is very well-preserved. The sand-toned stones and the grey roof, make it a perfect backdrop and an Instagram worthy spot. Look from which side the light is best and take your Instagram photo!

Porte Cailhau in Bordeaux, France

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Have you ever been to Bordeaux or are we inspiring you to visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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