Bangkok is home to many themed cafés and is the perfect place for some café hopping. We had a long list of cafés we wanted to visit and made it to five of them. The themed cafés in Bangkok are the perfect places to get your Instagram photos. This blog post is a guide of our favorite themed cafés in Bangkok.


There are many cat cafés in Bangkok but after reading some reviews and watching pictures, we chose to go to Caturday. The café didn’t disappoint at all and it’s still our favorite cat café to date. Cat cafés are always fun to visit as you get to hang out and cuddle with all the cuties, but what is often missing is a nicely styled interior. Caturday has it all: their interior is on point, all the cats are lovely and they even sell merchandise with their cats on it (cartoon-styled)! We ordered some food and drinks, which were all cat themed too!

Cat café Caturday in Bangkok, Thailand
Feeding cats in cat café Caturday in Bangkok, Thailand

Unicorn Café

The Unicorn Café is Bangkok’s most famous themed café. There is often a line outside, as it can get very crowded, but we were lucky there was a free table right away. The food didn’t look very spectacular, so we ordered some drinks and found some stuffed unicorns for a picture. Since basically everyone is shooting pictures for Instagram here, you have to be quick to grab a stuffed unicorn as soon as it isn’t used. The decor of the place is very nice: everything is pink and unicorn styled. It’s the perfect place to get a colorful Instagram shot!

Unicorn Café, an Instagrammable, themed café in Bangkok, Thailand

Game Over Lounge

The Game Over Lounge is a very fun café to hang out with friends at night. They have all kinds of board games to play as well as PlayStation, Xbox and PC games. We had dinner here (burgers!) and went for a few games of FIFA against each other. Mika was the big winner of the night (just kidding, Joop beat Mika bigtime…). There’s a fee per 2 hours of videogames, but if your bill reaches a certain amount, you get a free hour of game-time. When you’re with a friend or two, you’ll easily reach that amount with dinner and a drink. And we do recommend having dinner, because the food at the Game Over Lounge is pretty good.

Game café Game Over Lounge in Bangkok, Thailand

Pinkplanter Café

The Pinkplanter Café is located at the top floor of the Matchbox clothing store. The café is all pink with nicely decorated corners to get those perfect Instagram shots. When we visited in the afternoon it wasn’t very crowded. The café was mostly filled with groups of girls in the age of 13-20 equipped with cameras or smartphones. The food and drinks look very Instagrammable, however the taste is just so-so. But who cares about that when it looks good?!

Instagrammable café Pinkplanter Café in Bangkok, Thailand

Koto Furumiyako

Koto Furumiyako was a café we didn’t have on our list, but we accidentally found it and decided to check it out. The café is Japanese themed and all the walls are lined with bookshelves filled with manga books (we couldn’t find any Pokémon manga unfortunately). They solely serve Japanese food, but as we’re not really experienced Japanese food eaters it’s hard for us to tell whether it was good.

Japanese café Koto Furumiyako in Bangkok, Thailand

There are many more themed cafés we’d like to visit in Bangkok but we didn’t have the time for it. We’ll definitely visit these when we ever get back here.

Pooltime Café

There is no pool in the Pooltime Café but there are raccoons. We’re not sure how well raccoons do with people touching them, but this place is on our list because of the interior and their Instagrammable shakes!

Sretsis Parlour

Sretsis (sisters spelled backwards) is a well-known Thai luxury brand and their café Sretsis Parlour looks like a fairytale! The whole place is beautifully decorated, there are many spots to get that perfect Instagram shot and their Unicorn coffee looks amazing!

Mermaid Castle Café

The Mermaid Castle Café looks a bit like the Unicorn Café but with the unicorns swapped for mermaids. The first two floors of the building house a merchandise store where they sell all kinds of mermaid-merch. This place is on our list because of their Instagrammable foods and drinks, which look so good!

Floral Café

One can never have enough flower photos on Instagram. You have to walk through a flower shop before reaching Floral Café and it looks like the place doesn’t disappoint. The whole place is decorated with natural flowers and they’re constantly changing the theme of the café depending on the flower season. Another place straight out of a fairy tale!

Tropical Swell

Tropical Swell looks a lot like the cafés you’ll find around every corner in Bali. The decorations are mostly white with tropical accents. Their food doesn’t contain that many fruits like they often do in the Bali cafés but their shakes topped with lots of sweets look amazing!

ViVi the Coffee Place

ViVi the Coffee Place isn’t really a themed café, but it looks like it’s definitely worth a visit. Their coffee and cakes look very nice but you’re really going to this café for the views. The café is located along the river with a perfect view of Wat Arun. The Chao Praya River is a busy river and there’s always lots to see. This place looks like the perfect visit during sunset.

Clearly, there are enough themed cafés to visit in Bangkok. The only thing missing is a Harry Potter themed one! Which one would you want to visit?

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