Singapore is a huge city state with lots of tourist attractions and things to do. You can easily stay a full week in Singapore without getting bored. In this post, we share our 7-day itinerary for Singapore and all the top things to do.

Day One

Marina Bay Area

SkyPark Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands

Exploring the Marina Bay area is a perfect activity for your first day in Singapore. The first attraction on the itinerary is the SkyPark Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands. The view from the SkyPark is simply amazing. On the one side, there is the stunning view over the Gardens by the Bay, while on the other side Marina Bay and Singapore’s beautiful skyline can be seen. Make sure to get up as soon as the Observation Deck opens in order to have the Deck (almost) to yourself.

Price: SGD 23 (for adults)
Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday: 09.30-22.00
Friday-Sunday: 09.30-23.00

Singapore Skyline from the SkyPark Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands

Note: After we visited the SkyPark we found out that it’s also possible to get to the bar next to the SkyPark, without having to pay the SkyPark ticket. This will save you a lot of money as you only have to pay for your drink. We didn’t have the time to try this, so we’re not sure if it (still) works.

From the Sands SkyPark you can see the guests of the Marina Bay Sands enjoying the infinity pool. The only way to get access to the pool is by staying a night in the resort. If you can afford it, we would absolutely recommend doing it. The hotel is very expensive, but nothing can beat that view from the infinity pool. Next time we’re in Singapore, we’ll be staying at least one night in the Marina Bay Sands resort!

Singapore Marina Bay Sands Resort Hotel

Marina Bay Promenade

The Marina Bay Promenade is 3,5 km long and provides amazing views of the Singapore skyline and the Marina Bay Sands Resort. It’s a lovely place to walk around and you’ll be amazed by the views on every part of the Promenade. There are lots of restaurants and shops along the Promenade where you can buy water, other drinks and food. Make sure to drink plenty of water when doing the Marina Bay Promenade walk!

Singapore Skyline Marina Bay during the Day

The Shoppes at Marina Bay

Take some time to cool off in the Shoppes at Marina Bay after walking the 3,5 km along the Bay. The Shoppes is a huge mall and most of the shops are luxury brands. If you’re doing Singapore on a budget, you can only do some window shopping at the Shoppes. It’s nevertheless fun to walk around the mall. You can even take a gondola ride in the canal on the ground floor!

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Mall

Food Court in the Shoppes

On the ground floor of the Shoppes, you’ll find a very affordable food court. Best thing about this food court is that it’s inside an air-conditioned mall. There’s a huge range of all kinds of dishes from all over the world. Take a break and have a bite here, you’ll need it!


In the evening, head outside to see the fountain show Spectra. The water and light show takes place just in front of the Shoppes and is played multiple times an evening. Spectra lasts 15 minutes and is completely free to watch. This makes it perfect for those who are doing Singapore on a budget, but besides that, Spectra is a must see when you’re visiting Singapore!

Singapore Spectra Light Show at Marina Bay

Day Two

Gardens by the Bay

Head to the Gardens by the Bay on day two of your stay in Singapore. Large parts of the Gardens are free, but there are a few exceptions. The Gardens by the Bay are really huge and you can easily spend an entire day here.

Supertree Grove

The Supertrees are the main attraction of the Gardens by the Bay and the Supertree Grove is the most popular part of the Gardens by the Bay. In the Supertree Grove, you’ll find 12 of the 18 Supertrees. It’s very interesting to learn about these Supertrees and what they’re capable of. Make sure to pay a visit to the Supertrees from up close! There is no admission fee to visit the Supertree Grove.

Singapore Supertree at the Gardens by the Bay

OCBC Skyway

The OCBC Skyway is a 128-m aerial walk connecting two Supertrees. It offers a unique view of the Supertrees and the Gardens. The admission fee of the OCBC Skyway is SGD 8 (for adult). The Skyway is opened daily from 09.00-21.00.

The Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes

Make sure to walk around the Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes. The walkway along the lake offers some beautiful views of the Gardens and the Supertrees. Moreover, while walking along the lakes, you can learn all about the ecosystem and the aquatic life in the lakes. There is no admission fee for these lakes.

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are hard to miss when visiting the Gardens by the Bay. The Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world and features flowers from the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions. The Cloud Forest features the world’s tallest indoor waterfall (30 m) and you’ll learn about rare plants and their fast-disappearing environment. The admission fee to both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest is SGD 28 (for adults). The opening hours are daily from 09.00-21.00.

Singapore the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome in the Gardens by the Bay

Serene Garden

The newest additions to the Gardens by the Bay are the Serene Garden and the Floral Fantasy. The Serene Garden is inspired by Japanese gardens and offers scenic views of the skyline while enjoying a walk through nature. There is no admission fee to the Serene Garden.

Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy is a thematic attraction and consists of four garden landscapes and a 4D ride. The admission fee to Floral Fantasy is SGD 20 (for adults) and the openings hours are daily from 09.00-21.00.

Besides these Gardens there’s even more Gardens to explore in the Gardens by the Bay. We haven’t even mentioned the Bay East Garden (which offers beautiful views over the Gardens by the Bay), Sun Pavilion, Heritage Gardens, the Canyon and World of Plants. If you want to see every little bit that the Gardens by the Bay have to offer, you’ll probably need to come back another day.

Satay by the Bay

Satay by the Bay is located inside the Gardens by the Bay and is the perfect spot for a budget-friendly, delicious dinner after exploring the Gardens. Satay by the Bay is a hawker centre and offers a wide range of Asian food choices. We opted for satay together with fried rice and had a delicious meal.

Opera in the Gardens

After dinner, head back to the Supertree Grove to watch the Opera in the Gardens light show. The shows are played daily at 19.45 and 20.45 and are a must watch if you’re visiting Singapore.

Singapore Opera in the Gardens at Night

Day Three

Singapore River

After an exhausting day exploring the Gardens by the Bay, day three will be more about relaxing. Start the day at Marina Bay and walk along the Singapore River to Clarke Quay. The Queen Elizabeth Walk along the river will guide you along the Asian Civilizations Museum, the Victorian Theatre and the National Gallery of Singapore. If you’re interested in visiting any of these places, then this is the time to do that! The walk itself is very pleasant and there is lots to see and to take photos of.

Singapore River

River Cruise

Eventually, the River Walk will bring you to Clarke Quay where the River Cruise starts. The River Cruise rides down the river to Marina Bay. Even though you’ve already walked that part along the river, it’s still very nice to see the buildings from the water. Just lean back, relax and let the wind breeze through your hair while you enjoy Singapore’s beautiful scenery and skyline!

Price: SGD 25 (for adults)

Singapore River Cruise

Clarke Quay

The River Cruise will end at Clarke Quay again. Clarke Quay is a bustling area where you can find various restaurants and nightclubs. Walk around the area and look for a nice spot for dinner.

Singapore Clarke Quay

1-Altitude Rooftop Bar

Head to the 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar after dinner, which is a must when in Singapore. The rooftop bar offers amazing views over the city. The best time to visit would be during sunset, but the views are always stunning regardless the time of the day. Besides the amazing view, we particularly loved the palm trees that really create a tropical vibe which is all you need while sipping your cocktail! It’s also possible to visit the venue during daytime when it’s called the Viewing Gallery.

SGD 25 (8.30am - 5.30pm, including 1 non-alcoholic drink)
SGD 30 (6pm - 9pm, including 1 drink)
SGD 35 (after 9pm, including 1 drink)

Budget tip: on Wednesday nights it’s ladies’ night, which means free entrance for the ladies!

Singapore 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar Skyline Marina Bay Sands View
Singapore Sunset at 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar

Day Four

Mt. Faber Park

Day four will be a mix between an active and relaxing day. The first place to go to is Mt. Faber Park. Assuming you’re staying in the city center of Singapore, you have to take the MRT to get to Mt. Faber Park. Get out the MRT at HarbourFront Station and take exit D from the station and the VivoCity shopping mall, cross the street and you’ll be at the beginning of the Merang Trail. Follow the trail through the rainforest to the top. Once at the top, make your way to the Mt. Faber Peak Cable Car Station, where you can buy tickets for the cable car to Sentosa Island.

Singapore Mt. Faber Park

Cable Car

Take the Cable Car to Sentosa Island and enjoy the views along the way. This part of the cable car ride (the Mount Faber Line) is pretty high up in the sky and the views are amazing. You’ll see all various kinds of ships from above, see how people live and ride through a skyscraper. This really is the most impressive cable car ride we’ve ever taken. Once arrived at Sentosa Island, you can take the Sentosa Line to either Merlion or Siloso Point. The Sentosa Line offers great views over the island and is a perfect way to see everything the island has to offer from above.

SGD 35 (adult – round trip Mount Faber Line + Sentosa Line)
SGD 33 (adult – round trip Mount Faber Line)
SGD 15 (adult – round trip Sentosa Line)
Opening hours: daily 08.45-22.00

Singapore Sentosa Island Cable Car

Sentosa Island

Get off the cable car once you’ve seen enough of the island from above. Sentosa offers many attractions and it’s easy to stay here the entire day. Because of all the tourist attractions, Sentosa gets very crowded so be aware of that. Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark and Headrock VR are just a few of the attractions offered. Besides that, there are also multiple beaches on the island which are perfect if you feel like having a beach day. You can even stay on the island, which is worth considering if you want to do multiple attractions in Sentosa. There are also lots of things to do in Sentosa if you’re visiting Singapore on a budget. One of these things is going to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia, which is a unique place to go to and offers a beautiful view over the Strait of Singapore.

Singapore Sentosa Island Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

Day Five

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The end of your stay in Singapore is nearing, but there are still some must see places left. The Singapore Botanic Gardens are huge and completely free! You can easily get to the Gardens by taking the MRT to the Botanic Garden Station. Just follow the signs to the Botanic Garden and you’ll get to the entrance. The Gardens contain a lot of tropical flora and it’s the perfect place to escape the bustling city center and to immerse yourself in nature. Whether, you’re visiting Singapore on a budget or not, it’s a must to pay a visit to the Botanic Gardens.

Singapore Botanic Gardens


After spending some time in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, it’s time to explore Chinatown. Take the MRT to Chinatown Station and walk around the area. Make sure to pay a visit to Pagoda Street, which is one of the most photogenic streets of Chinatown. Make sure to check out the shops and to try the food in Singaporean Chinatown!

Singapore Chinatown

Day Six

Chinese Garden

You’ve already seen so much of Singapore, but there is still one place you absolutely shouldn’t miss. It takes some time to get to the Chinese Garden by MRT, but it’s absolutely worth it. From the Chinese Garden MRT Station, it’s a short walk to the Garden. You’ll find beautiful architecture in the Garden and many different kinds of animals. Best of all is that the Chinese Garden isn’t touristic at all. There is no admission fee, which makes it a perfect thing to do if you’re visiting Singapore on a budget.

Opening hours: daily 06.00-23.00

Singapore Chinese Garden

You can easily spend an entire day in the Chinese Garden, but maybe there is a place you’d really want to revisit on your last day in Singapore. Maybe you want to walk one last time along the Marina Bay, see the Supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay one more time or just take a dip in the hotel swimming pool. Do whatever you feel like most on your last day in Singapore!

Using the MRT in Singapore

Getting around Singapore by MRT is very easy. The MRT system is well-connected with all parts of the country and you can get everywhere. You can buy tickets at the machines at the MRT stations. The MRT offers unlimited ride passes for one (SGD 10), two (SGD 16) or three days (SGD 20). It’s also possible to buy an EZ-Link stored-value card, which we did. You can top up the EZ-Link card at the ticket machines with cash or by (credit) card. We felt it was very easy to travel with the EZ-Link card. You just have to tap the card when entering and exiting the MRT stations. We used Google Maps for directions and MRT routes and it was always accurate.

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