Bali is a foodie’s paradise and Ubud is no exception. We went out to eat two to three times a day while staying in Ubud. The variety of restaurants and cafés there is huge, which can make it hard to decide where to go. In this blog post we’ll share where we ate in Ubud and what we thought about it.

Lazy Cats Café

The Lazy Cats Café was our favorite spot for coffee, breakfast and lunch. The café can definitely be considered Instagrammable, with colored lattes, smoothie bowls and different kinds of good looking foods and drinks. The interior looks nice with marble tables and big antic chairs. If you like spending time in a nice-looking café with good coffee and food that’s also pleasing to the eye, then Lazy Cats Café is the place to be. We stopped by this place multiple times (it wasn’t too far from our hotel either) and even stayed once for dinner.

Breakfast at Lazy Cats Café, Ubud, Bali
Dinner at Lazy Cats Café, Ubud, Bali

Daily Baguette

Daily Baguette is a French bakery with freshly baked breads and pastries. You can also order salads and sandwiches which you can either eat on their rooftop terrace or take away. We loved their salads and ordered them multiple times to takeaway for lunch or late-night snack. We also often brought their baguettes with us on exploring days around the area. We really missed fresh bread, so we were happy we discovered this bakery.

Goatcheese salad takeaway from Daily Baguette, Ubud, Bali

Casa Luna

We went to Casa Luna multiple times for breakfast and lunch. Their menu has many different options to choose from, which makes it sometimes hard to choose. Their egg meals and smoothie bowls are very good, as well are their smoothie drink. The interior is in Balinese style with huge marble tables.

Breakfast at Casa Luna, Ubud, Bali
Breakfast at Casa Luna, Ubud, Bali

El Mexicano

El Mexicano is a Mexican restaurant we went to for dinner on our first day. We were pleasantly surprised by this restaurant. The portions are huge, and the food is very good. The interior of the restaurant is so pretty with lots of colors and patterned tiles. Our table was located on the alleyway which was the perfect spot for people-watching. We would absolutely recommend El Mexicano for dinner if you’re staying in Ubud.

Dinner at El Mexicano, Ubud, Bali

Nostimo Greek Grill Ubud

We usually look for a Greek restaurant everywhere we stay. In Asia, it’s a bit harder to find Greek restaurants, but in Ubud we got lucky. Our starter at Nostimo was pita bread with different kinds of Greek dips (we always love this) and our main was a gyros and a souvlaki platter. We really missed Greek food and it was very good. The portions of the platters were huge, just how it’s supposed to be with Greek food. If you like Greek food, you absolutely have to check out Nostimo!

Starter at Nostimo Greek Grill, Ubud, Bali
Main at Nostimo Greek Grill, Ubud, Bali

UNO Restorante Italiano

On a late afternoon we were in the mood for Italian food so we decided to give UNO a try. We ordered a pizza and a pasta, and it didn’t disappoint. Often when you order pizza in Asia, it’s not the same as a real Italian pizza. UNO serves real Italian pizzas and even though it wasn’t the best pizza and pasta we ever had, it was certainly very decent. The interior of UNO looks very nice with a few neon signs on the walls. If you’re in the mood for Italian food, UNO is a safe bet.

Pizza and pasta at UNO Restorante, Ubud, Bali

White Orchid Ubud

On our first day in Ubud we had lunch at White Orchid. We ordered a club sandwich and a smoothie bowl. The club sandwich was good, but the smoothie bowl didn’t look very pretty and there weren’t many toppings. The taste of the smoothie bowl was okay though. Lazy Cats Café and Casa Luna serve way better smoothie bowls, so if you’re in the mood for one, skip this place. The interior of White Orchid does look nice with lots of wood.

Breakfast at White Orchid, Ubud, Bali

Arang Sate Bar

Our favorite Indonesian food is sate, so we had to check out the Arang Sate Bar. Their menu consists of many kinds of sate. Even though the portions are small, and the price is pretty high, the food was very good. The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor seating area and a cooler area inside. The interior of the restaurant was a bit fancy. If you like to try different kinds of sates, this is the place for you.

Dinner at Arang Sate Bar, Ubud, Bali

Semujaen Ubud

As Ubud is home to many kinds of cuisines, we also wanted to taste the Indonesian cuisine and gave Semujaen a shot. The interior was decorated in Balinese style. They offer different kinds of Indonesian dishes. We decided to go for a dish with salmon and a curry. The portions weren’t very big, and the prices were pretty high. The food was okay. If you’re looking for Indonesian food, it’s better to look for a Warung. Warungs serve way cheaper food, and probably better too.

Dinner at Semujaen, Ubud, Bali
Dinner at Semujaen, Ubud, Bali

Which of these places would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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