Seoul is home to many Instagrammable cafés, so we decided to do some café-hopping. The following three cafés are absolutele must visits when in Seoul!

Doré Doré

Doré Doré is a cute bakery which is known for its cakes. They bake those Pinterest-y kind of cakes that always look good on the Internet but turn out as total disasters when you try to make them yourself. Doré Doré knows how to bake those cakes. Their assortment changes from time to time and we hoped that they had the Kitkat & M&Ms cake, but they didn’t unfortunately. They did have the rainbow cake which was our other favorite. We ordered a piece and two coffees. That one piece was quite a lot of cake. After shooting the cake, we spent an hour finishing it, but it was actually very good. Too bad we were so full that we couldn’t really try anything else. The interior of the café was cute with lots of pink and orange tones.

Rainbow cake at Doré Doré, Seoul
Rainbow cake at Doré Doré, Seoul

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

After eating cake at Doré Doré, we walked to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, which is only a few minutes away. Mr. Holmes is a famous bakery located in Los Angeles, San Francisco and of course in Seoul. We had to check out their famous cruffins and of course the “I got baked” neon sign. We ordered a coffee, a tea and a praline cruffin. The cruffin was delicious but the filling was so heavy on our stomachs, we were happy we ordered just one to share. Of course, we had to do a quick photoshoot at the “I got baked in Seoul sign”. When we visited the Bakehouse it wasn’t crowded at all, but we read that sometimes there’s a pretty long line outside.

While writing this post, we noticed that the Seoul branch of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is stated as permanently closed on Google Maps. That is such a pity and we hope another store will open soon!

Cruffin at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Seoul

Stylenanda Pinkpoolcafé

This place is Instagram paradise! The Pinkpoolcafé is located on the top floor of the Stylenanda clothing store. When we got there, the place was filled with girls taking photos. The entire interior is pink and very girly and there is an actual pool, although you’re not allowed to go in. The food is definitely Insta-worthy too. We went for a snow mountain cake which they served with some kind of steam, a red berry shake, and a cappuccino and chocolate croissant to still Joop’s thirst and hunger. We spent more than an hour at the café taking every possible shot we could. There is another Pink Hotel café at the other Stylenanda store in Seoul (Stylenanda Pink Hotel – 3CE), but judging from the photos of both places, we decided to go to the Pinkpoolcafé.

Snow mountain cake at the Stylenanda Pinkpoolcafé, Seoul

The Stylenanda store itself is perfect for shopping too. Across the street there is another store called Chuu with very nice clothes!

Clothing store Chuu, Seoul

Would you like to check any of these cafés out? Let us know in the comments below!

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