Our second stop of our South-East Asia-trip was the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. Although Langkawi has not much to offer, we stayed there for two weeks. So, what did we do in that time? To be honest, not much.


The main reason for a trip to Langkawi is the beach. We stayed at a hotel near the Pantai Tengah Beach. We were there in November and at that time it was very hot during the day (around 33 degrees Celsius). Therefore, it’s a good idea to hit the beach in the morning when the temperature is more bearable (which we never did actually). Since the sea is very warm as well (around 29 degrees Celsius), taking a swim isn’t as refreshing as you’d think. What we really missed in Langkawi was a swimming pool to cool down a bit. So be sure to look for a hotel with a pool.

The sunsets on Langkawi are amazing!

The beach is perfect for early morning drone flights.

Langkawi SkyBridge

The main tourist attraction on the island is the Langkawi SkyBridge. We had the bright idea to go there in the morning to avoid the crowds, but unfortunately, we were far from the only ones. It was way more crowded when we got there in the morning than it was when we left in the afternoon. Apparently, everyone goes in the morning to avoid the afternoon heat.

The crowds mostly brought down the experience for us. You have to take two cable car rides to get up to the SkyBridge. When it’s crowded, you have to wait a long time. The cable car rides offer amazingly scenic views though. Once up, you have to buy a separate entrance ticket to the SkyBridge at the top of the cable car station. You can either take the lift (which costs more money) or the “Nature Walk” that takes you to the SkyBridge. Since you had to que up again to take the lift and we already spent most of our times in queues, we preferred to take the Nature Walk.

The Nature Walk is somewhat challenging with a lot of steep stairs going up and down. After a walk of almost 1 km, we arrived at the SkyBridge. When we were there it was super windy, making it hard to take photos. The view up there is amazing, you can see almost the entire island! If you’re planning to go to the SkyBridge, we would advise you to go in the afternoon to avoid the crowds, as waiting in multiple long lines can get quite annoying. Since you’re high up in the sky, it isn’t even that hot.

RM 45 (cable car ride - adult)
RM 5 (entrance SkyBridge - adult)

Cenang Mall

The mall closest to where we were staying is Cenang Mall. The mall itself is nothing special at all, but it’s the area where the majority of the restaurants (and hotels) are. We particularly loved a burger place just in front of the mall called Burgersmith. They serve delicious burgers, salads and (sweet potato) fries. The area also has a Subway, McDonald’s and multiple duty free shops.

Dinner at Burgersmith

YamYam Restaurant

We spent most of our time at YamYam restaurant. We went there for breakfast almost every morning, as well as very often for lunch and dinner. They have amazing food and coffee, good Wi-Fi and great vibes overall. If you’re staying in Langkawi, we would definitely recommend you to check this place out! Did we already mention that the staff is super nice?

Breakfast at YamYam Restaurant

If you’re looking for a nice beach retreat and you’re in the neighborhood of Langkawi, it’s a nice place to go. Don’t expect any spectacular nature or bounty beaches, it’s not like that at all. If you’re into water sports activities, Langkawi is a good place to go to as it offers a lot of those. In our opinion, Langkawi lacked some sort of atmosphere which we did find at the Thai islands. If you have to choose between visiting the Thai islands or Langkawi, we would definitely say you should go for the Thai islands!

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Just one more of the stunning sunsets!

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